Vytautas Baranskas is an immovable cultural property protection specialist. Various restoration works form Vytautas' world. Sometimes, with only a single surviving old photograph at his disposal, he has to recreate that which was destroyed by the passing of time. He can spend hours and even days working with old photographs, static plans, and drawings just to feel the mood, the lines, and the proportions of the work he has to recreate. This submersion is required if only to find out, as much as possible, the author of the work, the style of art used, the technique chosen, the composition of metals... The fact that he is a member of the Lithuanian Restorers' Union and the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists says a lot. As an artist he takes part in different exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Vytautas Baranskas restored and recreated many invaluable articles including: vases and the sculpture of the lion at the Palanga Amber Museum Park, the vaze at Sveksna Estate Park, articles at the Klaipeda Museum of Clocks, the clock dials for Kretinga Church's Clock, sacred vessels and many other unique exhibits. He restores and renews works from private collections (metal, moulds) - the occasional medals, souvenirs, and the interior, as well as applied art works. One of Vytautas's last works was the "The Millennium Odyssey" medals for the Lithuanian yacht sailing round the world.